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Cloud Forest Tour

You'll then begin your naturalist walk: a leisurely paced stroll in the cloud forest where you'll stop frequently to listen, look for birds and wildlife, and learn about the forest from your private guide.  You might encounter a quetzal, a bellbird, and maybe even monkeys.  But remember - wildlife is never guaranteed!  

The naturalist guided walk is not a hike; in other words, it's not a long distance uneven terrain hike.  During your walk, you'll cover perhaps anywhere from 1/2 a mile to 1 mile, give or take. 

The trails are well maintained and accessible for most people. 

There is one trail in the area that is wheelchair accessible.  

You can See in the Tour:

Resplendent Quetzal

White-face Monkeys

Lesson Motmot

Emerald Tucanet

Costa Rica Waller

Black-face Solitere

Azure-hooded Jay

Black Guan

Two-toed Sloth

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